A Studio Apartment for Retirement Living Episode 405

In episode 405 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Kathleen, an accomplished woman who’s recently retired. Now that Kathleen has retired, she decided to downsize from a one bedroom to a studio apartment in New York City in Manhattan. She went from an 800 square foot home to a 400 square foot studio, meaning that she has literally cut her space in half!

One of the most difficult parts of transitioning was letting go of old furniture that was too bulky to fit into her new home. While that was challenging enough, Kathleen continued to feel uncomfortable by her new layout. Kathleen’s dream is to spend her retirement living creatively. Clutter impedes her thinking process, so she wanted organization to live in a more streamlined fashion. What she wanted was a flow to her apartment, and that’s what the Squad came in to provide.

The Squad started by dividing her space into an office, reading nook, living room area, and bedroom. The living room features several BESTÅ storage combinations, and serves as her entertainment center, as well as, providing ample wall storage overhead. Because the BESTÅ storage cabinets are completely customizable, the Squad was able to create the perfect layout for Kathleen by measuring her wall space and selecting the right amount (and style) of cabinets. Together, the Squad and Kathleen decided on high gloss, light gray/green cabinets to wrap around the corner of her studio apartment to further define her living room space.

The BESTÅ storage units eliminated the clutter in Kathleen’s home, while providing a clean, modern look. Plus, the storage units feature soft close doors so they won’t damage what’s inside them. Additionally, the OMLOPP / ANSLUTA undercabinet lighting provides a gentle pool of light for that area of the apartment. She can adjust the lighting with the ANSLUTA remote control which has two different light settings to fit the mood: high lighting for when she’s hosting guests and soft lighting for when she’s watching a movie with her entertainment center. When the remote is not in use, she can store it in her new GRANBODA nesting tables. These nesting tables are perfect for her small space as they can easily slide in and out from each other, able to extend the table space or tuck away when not in use.

Meanwhile, her VIMLE loveseat acts as a living room divider with the backrest lining up with the edge line of the BESTÅ storage combination. The entire living room section of her studio apartment is tied together with a rectangular BRÖNDEN carpet.

Kathleen’s study is made up of a STRANDMON wing chair — which offers excellent back support — and sits adjacent to her BILLY / OXBERG bookcase. The BILLY / OXBERG bookcase is perfect for displaying her collection but keeping her house free from clutter. Opposite the study is Kathleen’s office space which is perfectly defined with a BEKANT corner desk (left variation) to maximize the useable space. Adjacent to her desk is a GALANT storage combination with filing, the edge of which helps define the office space from the living room. Finally, for the bedroom section, the Home Tour Squad set up a VIDGA corner solution with one pair of AINA curtains.

Now that the Squad has given her studio apartment a makeover, Kathleen can enjoy the kind of creative retirement living she envisioned for herself.

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