First Studio Apartment Ideas

In episode 402 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad arrived in Philadelphia to help Ginelle, an aspiring 2D animator, transform her studio apartment into a whimsical and creative living space. With the room serving as her bedroom, office, and living area, the Squad had to make sure that it was both stylish and relaxing. The Squad began by picking a NYBODA coffee table with a reversible design and added a NYMÖ lamp shade to bring in decorative light patterns.

To separate the room into different “”rooms””, the KALLAX shelving unit was incorporated into the layout, allowing Ginelle to have a cozy private bedroom and a living room to host guests. The team also wanted to make sure that the room was finished out with the proper necessities and accessories, so they added the SÖDERHAMN sofa in a stylish color and the VINDUM rug for added comfort.

To finish off the look, the LINNMON/ALEX table with plenty of storage for her art supplies and proper lighting was included to provide Ginelle with a place to focus her creative energy. With the help of the Squad, Ginelle now has a stylish studio apartment that promotes a creative and relaxing ambience.

More IKEA Ideas

To help her create the perfect environment, here are five ideas of Ikea products to bring her vision to life!

Idea 1: HEMNES Desk The HEMNES Desk from Ikea is a great fit for Ginelle’s studio apartment. This multi-functional piece features a wide work surface, two drawers, and an adjustable shelf so she can keep her supplies organized and a tidy workspace. Additionally, the desk features two cubbyholes on both sides that can be used to store frequently used items and the slender design ensures that it won’t take up too much space. The best part is, it comes in several colors and finishes so she can choose the one that best fits her style.

Idea 2: RENBERGET Swivel Chair To match the HEMNES Desk, the RENBERGET Swivel Chair is the perfect seating option. This ergonomic chair is height adjustable and features a comfortable backrest with soft, supportive padding. Its durable base also provides a secure and steady place to sit, making it an ideal fit for prolonged hours at the computer. It’s also available in several colors and finishes so it can be easily integrated into any space.

Idea 3: VITTSJO Laptop Table The VITTSJO Laptop Table is the perfect addition to Ginelle’s studio apartment. This sleek and contemporary table features a unique design that includes a shelf and a laptop tray. The shelf can be used to store books or art supplies, freeing up much-needed desk space. The laptop tray can be adjusted to the perfect angle to ensure comfortable, productive work sessions. The table is also available in several colors and finishes to help complete her look.

Idea 4: BILLY Bookcase The BILLY Bookcase is the perfect way for Ginelle to store her animation supplies. This versatile piece includes adjustable shelves that can be arranged to fit any space and any height. The shelves are also strong enough to handle heavy items like drawing boards or animation equipment. Plus, the bookcase comes in several colors and finishes so she can easily find one that fits her style.

Idea 5: KALLAX Shelving Unit The KALLAX Shelving Unit is an ideal choice for Ginelle’s studio apartment. This piece of furniture comes with several compartments that can be used to store books, art supplies, or office supplies. The shelves are also adjustable so it can be configured to fit any space. It’s also available in a variety of colors and finishes, making it the perfect fit for her creative space.

All of these Ikea pieces combined will create the perfect creative working space for Ginelle! The pieces can be arranged to fit any studio space and their versatile design allows them to be easily customized to suit her needs.

Plus, the colors and finishes available make it easy to find the right pieces to fit her style. With these ideas, Ginelle will have an amazing studio space to help her pursue her dream of becoming an animator!

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  1. The 402 picture video had no sound Otherwise it was a fantastic video packed with lots of great ideas to help me to think outside the square box of unit that was shown And thank you very much for the beautiful home you are wonderful

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