Small, Multi-Purpose Living Room Ideas

Episode 314 of the IKEA Home Tour Series featured Dax and Margaux, a couple living in the Pacific Northwest with their four canine companions in a 500 square foot tiny home. With their respective degrees in horticulture and sustainability, they prioritise living with a small environmental footprint. Unfortunately, their tiny home has made it difficult to find space for the dogs, which has resulted in them taking over the multi-purpose living room. In order to help them make the most of the space, the Squad came up with several creative solutions. SVALNÄS wall mounted shelving was installed to provide ample storage, as well as a wall mounted workspace. The HOLMSUND Sleeper Sofa was also added, allowing for a multi-purpose space that can easily convert from sofa to guest bed and also provides storage for bed linens.

Through these and other unique ideas, Dax and Margaux are now able to make the most of their small living room, creating a comfortable and sustainable space that meets their needs and those of their four-legged friends. With the help of the Squad, their tiny home is now as efficient, stylish, and pet-friendly as they could have hoped.

Dax and Margaux are fortunate enough to own a 500 square foot tiny home. While a small space generally means fewer storage and decorating options, it is still possible to make this living room a cozy and organized area. With the help of Ikea products, they can create a living room that exudes space and style without sacrificing comfort. To make this possible, here are five of the best Ikea products that can be used to best utilize the living room in their tiny home.

1. KALLAX Shelving Unit – As the largest item to be placed in the living room, the KALLAX shelving unit provides functional storage with a modern design. This piece is made of lacquered particleboard with a choice of espresso, brown, or white wood grain finishes. It features four compartments and can be used to store books, media, knick knacks, and anything else that needs storage. It is also adjustable, so it can be re-arranged to best suit their needs.

2. HEMNES Sideboard – The HEMNES sideboard provides extra storage and a classic touch to their living room. This piece is made from solid pine and comes in a choice of classic white or deep black-brown finishes. It has a total of three drawers and two shelves for storage, which makes it a perfect fit for smaller spaces. It also has a top surface for displaying décor or serving as a second side table.

3. VILSHULT Wall Picture – The VILSHULT wall picture is a great way to add both style and character to the living room. This picture is printed on canvas with a choice of different sizes to fit their space. The design features an abstract landscape with shades of green, blue, and grey. It is a great way to bring a touch of nature into the room without taking up too much space.

4. EKTORP Loveseat – The EKTORP loveseat is a stylish and comfortable seating option for their living room. This piece is made from a blend of cotton, polyester, and linen for a luxurious feel. It also has a classic design with rolled arms, tufted back pillows, and a choice of beige or grey fabric upholstery. The loveseat is also perfect for small spaces since it only measures 54” wide.

5. NORDMÄRKE Wireless Charger – The NORDMÄRKE wireless charger is a great addition to the living room. This charger is made up of two parts: a base plate that connects to the wall and a removable charger that can be placed on top. It is compatible with any Qi enabled device and powers up devices up to three times faster than wired chargers. This is perfect for Dax and Margaux, since it eliminates the need for cords and provides a convenient way to keep their devices charged up.

By utilizing these five pieces from Ikea, Dax and Margaux can make the most of their tiny home living room. The KALLAX shelving unit provides storage, the HEMNES sideboard provides extra space, the VILSHULT wall picture adds style, the EKTORP loveseat offers comfortable seating, and the NORDMÄRKE wireless charger eliminates wires. As a bonus, all of these pieces are affordable and come in modern designs that can fit any style. With these five pieces, this living room can be a stylish, comfortable, and organized area that is perfect for any tiny home.

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