Sam Dawson

Welcome to the Home Tour Series! My name is Sam and I am a confessed mold expert! When you buy a home, one of the biggest perils you will come across is that of mold. Mold is an invasive pest of a thing that can cause panic for anyone from homeowners, banks, and builders. I happen to have years of experience in dealing with mold which started when I bought my first ever home many years ago. I learned on the job, dealing with mold as safely as I could to make my house liveable.

Over the years, this knowledge has grown, causing loved ones to turn to me if they ever experience mold-related issues. After much encouragement from these loved ones, I decided to take the leap and make a website where I can share all this important knowledge and hopefully help other people with all of their mold-related concerns. After all, our homes are our safe havens, and so we need to make sure they are actually safe to inhabit! 

So, whether you have questions about if it is possible to buy a mold-ridden home or whether you want to learn about the best shower mold remover, this website has it all. I hope my knowledge and years of experience can help you on your house journey!