Home Office Ideas for a Loft Conversion Episode 311

In Episode 311 of the IKEA Home Tour series, the Squad is here to help Enshane transform a previously confusing, under-utilized space into a purposeful and functional retreat.

Enshane has traveled extensively and lived in numerous places around the world including Ohio, Alaska, and Japan. As she starts a new life for herself and her children in Vancouver, WA, she’s hoping to pursue her dream of becoming an author and spiritual counselor. With the rest of the house in working order, the third-floor loft space has become a dumping ground for books, files, and overflow of linens and clothes from the laundry room.

The Squad begins by incorporating Enshane’s travel souvenirs with BJÖRKSTA statement pieces to create a feminine, bright retreat that matches her personality. The Squad will show Enshane how to tackle the overflowing laundry room and unorganized piles of paper using the ALGOT wall storage system, while the LILLASEN desk creates a workspace and place to write. Decluttering the space will allow Enshane to declutter her mind and life- she is ready to move forward pursuing her professional and spiritual goals.

With the help of the IKEA Home Tour Squad, Enshane’s loft conversion transforms space from a chaotic and cluttered catch-all into an organized and inspiring sanctuary that will support her spiritual and career development.

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