Apartment Shared Space Ideas

In Episode 410 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Chantal and her boyfriend Darren, two professional musicians who recently moved into an apartment and wanted to create an efficient work space that also inspired their creativity.

The living room, the couple’s main living and work space, was cluttered and lacked proper vertical storage, so the Squad began by addressing this. They mounted three BESTÅ storage frames with KALLVIKEN doors onto the wall, followed by a BESTÅ TV unit below them to complete the entertainment center. To add additional organization, storage, and a base for the couple’s keyboard, multiple EKET 2 drawer cabinets were also mounted to the wall.

Furthermore, the Squad added LURVIG cat houses to the wall to give the couple’s cat plenty of vertical space to exercise and play. To help with the couple’s creativity, the Squad added a MALM desk with a pull-out panel, EKBY JÄRPEN and EKBY BJÄRNUM shelves, a HEKTAR work lamp with wireless cell phone charging, and a FLINTAN swivel chair.

To address the relaxation and entertainment part of the living room, the Squad replaced the “college chic” furniture with a FÄRLÖV sofa with a FÄRLÖV sofa cover and a URSKOG lion cushion, and a REMSTA arm chair. A HOGHEM bar shelf was also added and stocked with SVALKA red wine glasses, HEDERLIG champagne flutes, and INTAGANDE glasses. Now Chantal and Darren have an apartment living room that can seamlessly go from a place to work, to a place to relax, and to a place to entertain. Not only do they have plenty of vertical storage to ensure their space is kept organized, but they also have a comfortable place to take a break from their projects and the inspiration to keep creating.

The living room is a vital space in any home. As the main living space and work space for a couple, it is important to show an attention to detail in decorating, along with being functional to meet the needs of the couple.

Unfortunately, many couples are faced with challenges when it comes to the design of the living room due to the fact that it needs to be both beautiful and practical. The lack of proper vertical storage solutions can lead to clutter piling up, reducing the living space and making it more difficult for the couple to be creative. Below, we provide 5 Ikea products that can help couples overcome these issues with living room design:

1) Kallax Shelving – this simple, stylish shelf system is a great way to utilize vertical space in the living room. It can be used for both decorative and practical purposes, allowing the couple to store and display items such as books, photos, or plants. Depending on the configuration, the Kallax shelf system can provide up to 5 shelves of storage.

2) Besta Cabinet – this storage solution is perfect for smaller spaces, as it can easily fit into a corner. It has adjustable shelves, so you can customize the cabinet to fit your needs. Plus, its simple yet chic design makes it perfect for a living room.

3) Rast Nightstand – this sturdy pine nightstand is great for storing items that don’t require a lot of space, such as books, magazines and remotes. Plus, its light color helps to brighten up the living room.

4) Hemnes Bookcase – this bookcase is ideal for larger living rooms, as it offers plenty of storage space and helps to maximize the vertical space in the room. Plus, its classic design means it will look great in any living room.

5) Lack Wall Shelf – this simple yet stylish shelf is perfect for displaying photos, trinkets, or other decorative items. The shelf is also easily hung on the wall, so it can be placed anywhere in the living room without taking up too much space, making it another great way to utilize vertical space.

These five Ikea products can help couples to make the most of their living room space, while also achieving a look that works with their individual style and creativity. With some careful thought and design, couples can create a living room that fits their needs and aesthetic.

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