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The IKEA Home Tour Squad recently visited the Johnston family in Kansas to help transform Wade’s home office. The Johnstons had a 1960s ranch style home with a finished basement, which Wade used as his graphic design office. However, the room was lacking in style and natural light, making it difficult for Wade to focus and inspire creativity. The Squad had the challenge of creating a multifunctional office which could also double as a spot for the family and their dogs to relax. After a few tricks of the trade, the Squad had transformed the dull basement into a sleek and inviting home office with a professional agency vibe.

The Squad used a range of IKEA products to help improve the office’s functionality and style. The DOCKSTA table, MARKUS chair, GALANT drawer unit, and BEKANT desk were all used to make the space more productive. To make it more comfortable, the Squad also added a sofa, so Wade and Kristy could enjoy the company of their dogs while Wade worked. The Squad’s makeover has helped to improve Wade’s productivity and wellbeing while making the office a cozy space for the whole family. This home office makeover is a great example of how the IKEA Home Tour Squad can help to turn a dysfunctional home office into a stylish and productive workspace.

More Ideas

1. Ikea Ekby Järpen Shelves: When it comes to home office furniture and ideas, the Ikea Ekby Järpen shelves provide an effective way to store paperwork, books, and other items. These shelves are relatively low cost, so you can buy multiple pieces to create an organized, clutter-free environment in your home office. Additionally, these shelves come in a variety of colors, making them easily customizable to fit in with the décor of your home office. The easy-to-assemble shelves make them suitable for a DIY project, and a great sustainable option for creating an efficient office space.

2. Ikea Markus Chair: Ikea Markus chair is an excellent choice for a home office. It is well-designed, ergonomic and provides an adjustable headrest and reclining backrest making it a comfortable seating option for long work hours. The chair also features adjustable armrests and adjustable seat height, which makes them suitable for both adults and children. Moreover, the supportive frame and sturdy construction make it able to hold up to 240 lbs comfortably. Therefore, the Ikea Markus chair is an ideal piece of furniture for those who need a product that offers great comfort and customization.

3. Ikea Besta Storage System: Ikea Besta storage systems are ideal for home office ideas due to their ability to provide an organized, clutter-free workspace. The shelves and cupboards within these systems allow for easy storage of documents, books, and other items. Furthermore, the cabinets and shelves are adjustable, allowing for customization to suit any specific home office needs. Additionally, the bottom drawer is lockable, which is great for those who need to secure important documents or sensitive information.

4. Ikea Galant Desk: The Ikea Galant Desk is an aesthetically pleasing and practical option for home office ideas. With its modern design, the desk is sure to be an eye-catching addition to any home office. The desk is also incredibly sturdy and can hold up to 250lb. This makes it ideal for those who plan to use a desktop computer, as well as for those who need to use a laptop. Additionally, the desk features adjustable legs allowing it to be set to sit at an ergonomically correct level.

5. Ikea Micke Desk with Hutch: The Ikea Micke desk with hutch is a great way to increase the storage capacity of your home office without sacrificing space. This desk features two drawers and two shelves and is perfect for storing small items such as stationery, electronics, and paperwork. Additionally, the desk has an adjustable height, so it can easily be tailored to suit various users. Finally, the clean and contemporary design takes up minimal space, making it suitable even for those with small home offices.

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