An Inviting Dining Room Makeover

The IKEA Home Tour Squad visited Venus, a mother of three children with a vision of a welcoming dining room where her family could come together for meals and conversation. Unfortunately, her family lacked a dedicated space to do this and instead had to spread out to different parts of the house.

To turn Venus’s vision into a reality, the IKEA Home Tour Squad got to work. To create a large, inviting space to gather together, the Squad installed a VANGSTA extendable dining table with VOLFGANG dining chairs and an EKEDALEN bench. To accommodate guests, JANINGE bar stools and NISSE folding chairs were added. To replace the desk and chair, a MICKE desk, an ÖRFJÄLL child’s desk chair, and a KRUX LED work lamp were added to create a comfortable space for Venus’s youngest son to do homework and draw. To spruce up the room, the team added a handwoven multi-color TÅRBÄK rug to tie in with the room’s current blue carpet. To add a splash of color, the Squad placed a light pink DINERA 18-piece dinnerware set and hung matching LEJONGAP curtains for the dining room window. An EKET cabinet with IKEA 365+ wine glasses was lit with a RAMSTA battery operated LED light, providing a nice blue light to show off the glasses and double as a nightlight. To help with storage, the team installed three BRIMNES cabinets with doors to keep any stored items out of view. Lastly, a collection of FEJKA artificial plants in BITTERGURKA hanging planters were added to add a touch of greenery to the room.

In just 24 hours, the IKEA Home Tour Squad had transformed Venus’s vision into a reality, providing her family a place to come together and discuss their day while becoming closer as a family. The transformation of the dining room is a testament to the power of the IKEA Home Tour Squad and the ability to create a comfortable, inviting space for any family. Venus was overwhelmed by the result and is now able to bring her family together in one central location. The Squad was able to provide a space that is not only great for entertaining and dining, but also for conversation and family bonding. The IKEA Home Tour Squad took Venus’s vision of a warm and inviting dining room and turned it into a reality with the help of their wide range of furniture and decor. The team was able to create a great space for the family to come together, talk about their day, and become closer as a family. It’s clear that the IKEA Home Tour Squad is dedicated to helping families create spaces that bring them closer together, no matter how small the space may be.

Having a central location for a family to come together for meals and to spend quality time is an important part of day-to-day life. As a mother of three children, you may want to create a dining room with Ikea products to make sure that your family’s needs are met. Here are five ideas of Ikea products that you can use to create the perfect dining room for your family.

Ikea Norraryd Table: This stylish and robust dining table from Ikea is a great choice for anyone looking for a welcoming and functional place for their family to eat and spend time. This table is made with a solid pine top and four sturdy legs that provide a stable surface for your meals and for relaxing together. The surface can be wiped down for easy cleaning and it comes in various sizes to fit the needs of a family of any size. The matching dining chairs from Ikea also give the dining room a cohesive and stylish look.

Ikea Bekvam Bench: This versatile piece of furniture is perfect for a modern dining room. It allows additional seating space and can be used as additional seating when needed. The bench comes with two comfortable bench cushions and it is the perfect option for small spaces. It can also be used as a footrest and to easily move around the room. Additionally, the bench will add an extra touch of style to your dining space, making it look inviting and cozy.

Ikea Beckham Rug: A rug is a great way to tie the look of a room together and add a finishing touch. The Beckham rug from Ikea is perfect for a dining room. This soft and textured area rug is the perfect option for creating a comfortable and inviting space for your family to come together and enjoy meals. The natural tones of the rug will also go with a wide range of décor styles, from traditional to modern.

Ikea Glasholm Glass Top Table: This modern glass-top table is perfect for a contemporary dining room. It will add a unique and stylish look to your space, while also providing a solid surface for your meals. The smooth surface is easy to clean and the table comes with a durable chrome frame. The glass top also allows you to enjoy the beauty of the woodGranas underneath without having to worry about dirt and other debris.

Ikea Bjursta Sideboard: A sideboard is a great way to store all the items needed for meals and to keep the dining room organized. The Bjursta sideboard from Ikea is a great option for a dining room. It has ample storage space with two doors and four drawers and it has a sleek and minimalistic design that blends easily with any décor style. The dark wood finish makes it look stylish and the silver handles provide a modern touch. These five Ikea products are perfect for creating a comfortable and stylish dining room for your family.

With the Norraryd table, Beckham rug, Bjursta sideboard, Glasholm glass top table and the Bekvam bench, you can create a space that your family can enjoy for years to come. Together, they will provide a central location for your family to come together and to spend quality time.

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