Craft Room Ideas for a Bonus Room Episode 406

In episode 406 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad visits Eileen and John, a couple who tragically lost their home to Hurricane Sandy and had to start over in Staten Island, New York. Currently, the house is a work in progress, but the back bonus room is perfect to start a business. Although Eileen is currently a teacher, her school is closing at the end of the year which will put her out of a job. Rather than worry, John and Eileen see this as an opportunity for Eileen to start her own business teaching art and sewing classes by remodeling the bonus room into an art and craft room. With the help of the IKEA Home Tour Squad, Eileen and John set out to do just that.

The Squad brainstormed with Eileen to help bring her craft room ideas to life. As a creative home office, the space needs to be organized for multiple projects (big and small). The Squad integrated small storage cabinets, pegboards, and folding tables to accommodate. Sewing and art projects can be small, but they can also require a significant amount of space. For this reason, the Squad added NORDEN gateleg tables to provide extra table space for larger projects and groups of people. The NORDEN series of folding tables enables Eileen and her students to expand the desks on both sides while still having plenty of legroom to work on projects comfortably. Additionally, these folding tables feature small storage cabinets for materials and accessories. To maximize the bonus room space, the Squad also added INGATORP drop leaf tables, as well. These have folding drop leaves on either side to accommodate more students in the room or more space for larger projects. When not in use, they easily fold up to keep the space clean and organized.

To help Eileen keep her home office organized, they Squad added TERJE folding chairs and BJÄRNUM folding hooks. The chairs are comfortable and easily fit under the tables in Eileen’s office space. Plus, they’re lightweight, so they can be moved around the space easily. Best of all, the folding hooks allow her to fold and hang the chairs that are not in use.

The Squad added a SKÅDIS pegboard to hold all of Eileen’s essential small tools. Needles and thread can be placed on the wall, making them visually appealing, but also easily accessible. The pegboard is entirely customizable, so she can add trays, file holders, as well as, SKÅDIS containers for items like tape measures and ribbons. For other small items, the Squad added VARIERA boxes and utensil trays to keep scissors and small craft items (beads, buttons, pearls) stored neatly. This way, Eileen doesn’t need to worry about the miscellaneous items getting shuffled about when she opens and closes the drawers.

For the larger items Eileen will need (such as rolls of fabric and extra sewing kits), the Squad added an IVAR shelving unit combination. This keeps all the materials in pristine condition, making them easy to access or store. Meanwhile, for some added functionality to the space, the Squad added a FYNDIG sink. This makes for a perfect art room sink with plenty of room for cleaning (and drying) paintbrushes. Plus, if some extra light is needed, there are RANARP wall clamp spotlights overhead the sewing stations. The clamp makes it easy for them to be adjusted for individual students’ height and offer a great deal of light should someone be working late or need to focus on a small piece of their project.

Now that Eileen’s bonus room has been remodeled into an art & craft room, she can run (and grow) her business the way she always dreamed.

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