Entryway Furniture & Ideas Episode 215

The Huson family in Shakopee, Minnesota were in need of some organisation in their home. The entryway in particular had become a dumping ground for bags, jackets, shoes and sports equipment, meaning there was no longer a welcome home for guests that entered.

Thanks to the IKEA Home Tour Squad, the Husons’ entryway was transformed into an organised haven.The Squad started with the STÄLL shoe cabinet to get the shoes off the floor and store 18 pairs with ease. The LIXHULT cabinets came next to provide general entryway storage, with multiple sizes and colors so they could be arranged to fit the space. With Minnesota comes a lot of winter accessories, so the Squad suggested SAMLA boxes to organise them and store them out of sight, as well as TROFAST bins in the closet to keep muddy boots off the floor.

Finally, having a place for the Husons’ three sons to display and manage their school work was important for Piia and Chad, so a STUVA storage system was installed with three floating cabinets and three pull-out drawers for easy access. The Husons now have an ultra-organised entryway to welcome guests into their home, as well as a practical and efficient system to get in and out of their home with ease. The IKEA Home Tour Squad have transformed the Huson home, making every day a little bit easier.

More Idea for Your Ikea Entryway

With kids in the house, the entryway can easily become chaotic. To keep it looking neat and organized, there are a few things you can do. Here are five ideas of Ikea products to use for storage and organization in a chaotic entryway:

1. Coat Rack and Hangers:

One of the simplest ways to keep coats and other items off the floor is to install a coat rack. The Ikea Pinnig Coat Rack with Shoe Storage is a great option for a house with kids. It features hooks for hanging coats and jackets, as well as a bench and storage shelf for shoes.

2. Hooks:

Hooks are a great way to store backpacks, purses, and other items that need to be grabbed quickly on the way out the door. The Ikea Grundtal Hooks are a great choice. They are available in a variety of sizes and can be mounted to the wall, making them easy to access.

3. Baskets:

Baskets are great for storing items such as hats, gloves, and scarves. The Ikea Kallax Shelving Unit is ideal for this purpose. It has four shelves and four drawers, providing plenty of storage for items that need to be stored away.

4. Shoe Storage:

To keep shoes off the floor, you can use the Ikea Hemnes Shoe Cabinet. It features two drawers, two shelves, and two compartments for storing shoes. It also has a mirror on the door, so kids can easily see if their shoes are still on their feet.

5. Bench:

A bench is a great way to provide a place to sit while putting on shoes, and the Ikea Hemnes Bench is a great choice. It has three drawers and a shelf, providing plenty of storage for items that need to be hidden away.

By using these five Ikea products, you can easily create a neat and organized entryway in your house with kids. The coat rack and hangers will keep coats off the floor, the hooks will provide a place to hang backpacks and purses, the baskets will store hats and gloves, the shoe storage will keep shoes off the floor, and the bench will provide a place to sit while putting on shoes.

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