How Much Does It Cost To Get Your House Checked For Mold?

A mold inspection is carried out by a qualified inspector who will visit your property to check for mold growth.

This involves inspecting the walls and any other areas where mold may be an issue. The inspector will also check areas that have previously been victims of a mold infestation because it is likely that the mold will grow here again.

This process is also considered to be an important part of the home buying process as such issues may deter buyers from proceeding with a purchase.

How much does it cost to get your house checked for mold

You may also need to check for mold if your property has been subject to any time of flooding which has resulted in water damage. 

The cost of getting your house checked for mold can vary rather significantly.

Some inspectors will charge as little as $300 to $350, whilst others may charge around $1000.

The total price will be decided by the size of the area that needs to be expected and this will be measured in square footage. 

Of course, smaller areas will cost less than larger areas. This cost will typically include the inspection of the area, the collection of samples, and possibly lab testing. 

Another factor that will affect this cost is the location of the mold. In some areas of your home, the mold will be easy to spot but in others, the task can be a little more challenging.

If the inspector experiences difficulties when checking a particular area for mold, the cost is likely to increase.

Mold inspection costs can differ depending on the type of mold.

This is because certain types are more toxic than others and due to the risks that this presents, the inspector will need to wear the necessary protective gear before coming near the mold. 

Those that are milder typically adhere to standard pricing because the safety risk isn’t as severe.

Black mold is thought to be one of the most harmful types because it can cause irritations and possible sickness. 

For this reason, you are likely to find that an inspector will charge a higher price to check for this mold as they will factor in the requirement for safety gear to protect them as they do so. 

Is mold testing worth it?

Mold testing occurs as part of an inspection. Once the area has been visually checked for mold, a sample will then be taken to test the surface or the air to assess whether there is any mold present, and if so, what type.

For severe cases of mold growth where a comprehensive report may be required, it is beneficial to opt for the help of a professional as their tests are likely to be more accurate.

It is also possible to invest in a DIY mold testing kit or even use materials that can be found inside your home in the form of diluted bleach and a swab.

How much does it cost to get your house checked for mold

However, it is worth noting that there isn’t a guarantee that DIY testing will provide you with completely accurate results. 

You may be wondering whether the conduction of a mold test is worth it.

To the dissatisfaction of mold testing and inspecting companies, you do not need to utilize their service if there are visible signs of mold that you can identify yourself. 

As we have mentioned previously, mold tests can be quite an expense but you can save on these costs if the signs of mold are obvious. Instead, you need to focus on removing the mold from your property.

Simply put, once you can see mold you need to remove it per the correct guidelines.

Some property owners may think that a mold test is required to determine what type of mold is growing and causing the issue and also whether it is toxic or not, but once the mold has been noticed it is going to be removed so it will no longer present a risk to the health of yourself or others occupying the property.

In some cases, you may think that a mold test is necessary to check for mold that you cannot yet see. However, mold that isn’t apparent is unlikely to pose a significant risk to your health.

If you are someone who suffers from health issues and cannot pinpoint another possible cause as to why you may be feeling unwell, then the conduction of a mold test is worth it because you will have a clearer understanding as to what may be triggering such issues. 

The EPA states that mold testing is unnecessary in the majority of instances where mold growth is visible.

However, there are occasions where you may wish to hire a professional to carry out surface sampling to check that the previously infested area has been sufficiently cleaned, although there are very few guidelines regarding the concept.