Is Attic Mold Dangerous?

Is attic mold dangerous? Nobody likes having mold in their home. With that being said, sometimes mold can be more likely to grow in some of the places where we’re less likely to go, such as in the attic, the basement, or in little crawl spaces.

Now circling back to the main question, attic mold can be incredibly dangerous. It doesn’t matter where in your home you have mold, it’s going to be dangerous. Why is it dangerous? Well, let’s discuss further!

is attic mold dangerous

The Main Problem of Attic Mold

The main problem of attic mold is first and foremost that the attic in general is a space that is prone to mold growth. The attic can be exposed to some factors such as insects, poor ventilation, dust, and more. The attic is rarely the priority of people to keep clean and bright on a regular basis and is quite often used as a dumping ground, therefore it is a place that can be prone to mold buildup.

So, one way to avoid having attic mold is to regularly make sure you do your attic upkeep and clean it and ventilate it as often as you can.

Can Black Mold in the Attic Make You Sick?

So, is it possible for black mold in your attic to make you sick? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is yes.

Mold can have a habit of spreading to different rooms of your house. The most common areas for mold are usually the living room, bedroom, kitchen and more. When mold seeps its way into the places you frequent in your home, you’re going to be breathing it in. Black mold is particularly toxic. For one, some people are allergic to mold.

Sometimes, you may not even realize that you’re allergic to mold. This is because you might find yourself having symptoms that you may mistake as allergies to other things. Some symptoms that you may experience when mold is present are, sneezing, coughing or issues with your respiratory system. If you are suffering as a result of the mold in your home, make sure to go to the doctor to get yourself checked.

What Does Attic Mold Smell Like?

You’ve probably heard people say that things smell moldy before now. But what exactly does attic mold smell like?Attic mold has a very distinctive smell – you’ll probably recognize it as soon as you smell it. Mold usually smells rather musty and unpleasant.

Some people may also say that mold can smell like urine. Ultimately, you will recognize a slightly earthy foul smell that you aren’t very fond of when there’s mold in your home. It’s best not to rely on smell alone when trying to diagnose if you have mold in your attic, however. There are other signs worth looking out for when you’re trying to figure out if there’s mold in your house.

How To Identify Attic Mold

The first step to identifying attic mold is to look out for spots in the attic that are slightly discolored. You may see parts of the wall that have become more yellow, orange or white. Most importantly of all, keep an eye out for black and gray mold. These types of mold are very dangerous and should be handled by a professional. Another thing you should also keep an eye out for is the moisture in your home. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold, so if you see any leaks in the attic it’s worth getting those sorted as soon as possible.

Naturally, you should also look out for health issues. If you find yourself struggling with unexplained respiratory issues, it may be a good sign that it’s time to get some remedial work done in your house to get rid of the mold.

Mold Prevention is Always Better

Like they say, prevention is better than cure. To completely avoid attic mold, make sure you regularly clean and ventilate your attic. If you’re seeing signs of mold, contact a professional immediately. Make sure you completely take off the mold so it won’t come back.