Mold Products

Best Mold Test Kits

Most people associate mold growth with green, brown, or black patches of fungus that you might find on the walls or ceilings of a damp room.However, in reality, mold can be much more inconspicuous. Mold can take up residence in hidden areas of your home, including inside chimneys and underneath coats of paint.In the early stages …

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Best Black Mold Remover

Black mold is the nightmare of any tenant or homeowner. This darkly colored mold species isn’t any more dangerous than other types of mold, but its dark pigmentation and pungent odor make it much more noticeable. Like all other types of mold, prolonged exposure to black mold can lead to a variety of respiratory issues. Symptoms …

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Best Shower Mold Remover

Mold is known to thrive in showers as it is an area that is regularly exposed to water, heat, and moisture. From the showerhead to the grout and drains, mold that is left untreated will soon become invasive. If left to grow, mold can become an eyesore, transforming what was once your pleasingly designed shower …

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