Ikea Small Space Inspiration

Small Space Ikea Inspirations

It’s always extra challenging when working in a small space because you’re making sure that everything you’ve got has to fit. Sometimes making it look aesthetic is the least of your concerns, which is why we came up with the list of some pretty chic and aesthetic small spaces that used Ikea furniture. Keep scrolling …

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Boys’ Bedroom Ideas Episode 117

The IKEA Home Tour Squad took a trip to Miami, FL for Episode 117 to help two brothers, Matthew and Santiago, makeover their shared bedroom. These two had outgrown their bedroom, with Matthew entering middle school and Santiago in fourth grade. With limited desk space and a cluttered closet, the two were struggling to have …

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Boys Bedroom Ideas Episode 401

The IKEA Home Tour Squad is back in episode 401 of their series, ready to help two step brothers, Joaquin and Brandon, bring their boys bedroom ideas to life. Joaquin and Brandon want the shared space to represent their distinctive personalities, goals, and style. At the same time, they also want to express their shared …

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