Small Apartment Ideas Episode 308

This is another great small space inspiration from the Home Tour Series! The Squad helps out Dominic and Vivian who are struggling with utilizing their shared space. Having bulky furniture and no storage space, the Squad came at the right time and made sure to create an efficient and welcoming space that has a lot of multifunctional storage.

To know more about the furniture that they used in this project, just scroll down below!

Furniture Used

VADHOLMA Kitchen Island

This Free-standing Ikea Kitchen island is multifunctional, sleek, and stylish. It gives you extra storage and work space for both your kitchen and work needs. A great space-saving piece for tighter areas.

Product Dimensions:

Width: 49 5/8 “

Depth: 31 1/8 “

Height: 35 3/8 “

Ikea RÅSKOG Bar Stool

This Ikea Bar Stool is easy to use, easy to store, not bulky and looks great! Definitely a considerable option for multifunctional tight spaces.

Product Dimensions:

Tested for: 220 lb

Seat diameter: 11 3/4 “

Width: 17 3/8 “

Depth: 17 3/8 “

Height: 24 3/4 “

Seat height: 24 3/4 “

FINTORP utensil rails

A smart storage solution that uses your wall space to free up your countertops. This utensil rail is really the game-changer for a freer, more organized kitchen!

Product Dimensions:

Length: 57 cm

Diameter: 1.6 cm

Ikea Magnetic Knife Rack

This magnetic knife rack helps you to see all the knives that you have, and at the same time gives you more drawer space to use for your other kitchen essentials.

Product Dimensions:

Width: 22 “

FRIHETEN Sleeper sectional

An excellent piece that you can easily transform into a bed or a couch depending on your needs. It also comes with extra built-in storage to tuck away and easily access your pillows and blankets!

Product Dimensions:

Length: 90 1/2 “

Depth: 59 1/2 “

Height: 26 “

Bed width: 55 1/8 “

Bed length: 80 3/8 “

VITTSJÖ Laptop stand

This light, glass laptop stand provides you extra table space and can act as that small office space when while working on your couch. It can also double as a side table!

Product Details

Width: 13 3/4 “

Depth: 21 5/8 “

Height: 25 5/8 “

Max. load: 33 lb 1 oz

FJÄLLBOTV storage combination

This storage combination really screams both useful and chic. The rustic metal design adds character to your space while providing a smart solution to store your TV, Books, and other memorabilia items.

Product Dimensions:

Width: 98 3/8 “

Depth: 14 1/8 “

Height: 37 3/8 “

Small Space Furniture

We hope you loved this make over as much as we did! To find more inspiration for small spaces, check out our list of Ikea’s best small space furniture!

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