Small Apartment Ideas Episode 308

Vivian and Dominic met while studying in England and now share a one bedroom one bathroom apartment in San Francisco. But they have found it challenging to have both of their lives in one small space that serves many functions, they feel it’s time to reclaim their home.

After four months of living in their tiny apartment, they don’t feel as if they are fully moved in and settled. Due to their bulky, mismatched furniture and lack of storage space, the small room feels cluttered. With a severe lack of surface area to prep in their kitchen, limited places to study, inadequate storage, and a lack of comfortable seating, Dominic and Vivian are having to constantly rearrange their crowded space.

As they begin their life together in San Francisco, they are hoping that the IKEA Home Tour Squad can help them transform their space and get settled. The Squad’s addition of a STENSTORP kitchen island will create additional work space for the couple- allowing them to prep meals and get homework done while also storing bulky kitchen appliances below.

The FINTORP utensil rails installed above the sink will get silverware and utensils off of the counters and onto the wall- freeing up drawer and storage space. By creating separate living areas into the apartment’s design, the Squad will be able to bring in elements of a much larger house.

Using the Home Tour Squad’s small apartment ideas, Vivian and Dominic will create an efficient, welcoming space with plenty of storage and reclaim their home as they begin building a life together.

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