Playroom Makeover Ideas Episode 204

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to organize and utilize your family room/Play room/ entertainment space in one, well this episode is for you!

The Home Tour Squad he’s the Wilkinson Family transform their playroom into something more efficient, comfortable, and organized! They used a combination of some classic Ikea furniture that’s multifunctional and durable that can definitely be used by your children as they grow older.

Learn more about the furniture that the Squad used to transform this space below!

Furniture Used:

Ikea Besta Storage Combinations

One of IKEA’s best storage solutions, making it fully customizable to create that tailor fit storage that your space needs. The units come in different sizes and with options of having them open or with soft-close doors that’s a great added feature to ensure your child’s safety. This really makes the Ikea Besta a great choice to create that cohesive or unique look around your space.


Ikea’s classic sofa that’s customizable depending on the size that you need for your space. With machine washable covers and a 10-year warranty, this is definitely a great choice for your family!

*Product Details:

Width: 213 cm

Depth: 88 cm

Height: 85 cm

Free height under furniture: 18 cm

Seat depth: 60 cm

Seat height: 43 cm

*please take note that there are variations of this product and sizes given above may differ


This Ikea tabletop combination with the Adils legs makes a great team! Presenting you with a nice sturdy top, and adjustable legs to make sure your table’s leveled on your floors.

TROFAST Ikea Storage Unit

The Ikea Trofast Storage unit is a great combination of wooden frames and plastic boxes that’s slidable and useful for organizing your child’s toys. It’s sturdy, and you can customize the rails so you can decide where and how you want to place the boxes and shelves depending on your child’s needs.

*Product Details

Width: 46 cm

Depth: 30 cm

Height: 95 cm

*please take note that there are variations of this product and sizes given above may differ

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